Okay, well I am sorry that it has come to this, however, I am left with very little choice but to update you all as to what has been going on in my life and why I have been so scarce on my website and some other social media.  If you are an artist,  video creator, motion graphic designer, motion art creator, it is imperative that you read this as it could be you next on the receiving end of this unwanted and highly unpleasant behaviour. 

Before I continue, do you recognise this image from somewhere? 

Does this face look familiar to you?


If you recognise this image, then you may be aware of the many Lady In Red pages on Facebook and the Lady In Red Coffee Hour account on TikTok, the username on TikTok, however, keeps changing due to the fact, the person behind the account, an Edna Mcqueen, is trying to run away and is desperate to hide the truth about her from being exposed as a fraud, catfish, cyberstalker, hacker, abusive, aggressive, art and identity thief. 

Read on and you will see a detailed account of what this woman, Edna Mcqueen, has subjected me to for over a year. A year and four months to be exact as I write this statement on July 16th 2021. She has systematically tried to destroy my art business and my good name by stealing my identity for a total of four times, she's posted and is posting slander all over her Facebook page and an older page where she cloned the identity of a friend of mine.  She has stolen my artwork multiple times and has now had several accounts of hers suspended on Facebook,  one on Tenor and has been reported to MeWe for more copyright infringement violations, stalking, harassment, creating accounts using false identities, doxing, cyberbullying and abuse.

Let me be clear, Edna Mcqueen is not the beautiful woman in the image above and surprisingly,  she has a lot of people fooled. The woman in the image above is a model named Tatiana Grabovich,  who took part in a photo shoot and this is one image of her from that series of photos taken. A reverse image search will show you the results of where the image of this beautiful model first appeared and are still hosted.  Photos of the real Edna Mcqueen have been obtained legally and are posted below. 

Before I begin with my account of events that have led up to today, I want to show you all images of the real Edna Mcqueen. These were obtained legally and are online in the public domain. 

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Edna Mcqueen (3).PNG
Edna Mcqueen (2).PNG
Edna Mcqueen.PNG

Proof that these images are indeed the real Edna Mcqueen is here.  This is a screenshot from one of her many Pinterest accounts. She uses her real, heavily filtered, personal photo. They all match. 

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So now I come to the beginning in the long line of this catalogue of stalking, harassment, identity and art theft, abuse, hacking, doxing and death threats.


This was all brought to my attention in April 2020.  I had connected with another video creator and she mentioned that her Facebook page had been cloned by someone. It turned out that several of her Facebook pages were cloned. I commented to her and told her how awful I thought it was that someone could do that to her and the next thing I knew, was, I too, had been cloned. We both discussed this matter and my friend suggested that it most likely was Lady In Red.  I was aware of Lady In Red, but up until this point, I had never had any real issues with her. She would take my videos from Instagram, post them to her Facebook pages without giving me or any other creators credit.  On Instagram she followed me as Edna Mcqueen and as Martin Hail. She also followed me on Pinterest as Martin Hail. The multiple false identities are another part of this harassment which I will go into more as we progress with my statement of events.  My friend also advised me to be careful and to change my passwords which I thought at the time was a very strange thing to say. Now I know why she gave me that advice and I will come to that too as we go further into this statement. 

In part one I will show you how my videos were taken by Lady In Red and posted to her many pages, as well as her clone pages whilst stealing my identity and that of another creator.  During this time, she was also pretending to be Martin Hail. 

Please look at the screenshots in the slideshow below, an explanation will be included with each screenshot to help you understand exactly what Edna Mcqueen has become so notoriously well known for. She is not popular in the art, design and video creator community, especially on Facebook.

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