In part three, I will be addressing the continual, relentless and disgusting behaviour Edna Mcqueen subjected me to, mostly on Facebook.  Although she unpublished the page she created to clone me, her theft of my art continued and was posted by her to her many Lady In Red and other Facebook pages, examples are shown in the gallery below.  It wasn't long before she republished the clone page of me to continue being abusive, vindictive and to continue pretending to be me and the creator of my artwork.  She was becoming increasingly more angry and spiteful and I learnt that her reasons for that were pure jealousy, hatred and evil.  She was angry because the gentleman who spent 3 years with her and whose name I will not mention out of respect for his privacy, had told her to get the ffff out of his life and then blocked her on all social media he has a profile on.  He found me purely by chance, I think he noticed I was getting a lot of abuse from Edna and he came forward to offer some support.  He also helped me a great deal to find out who and what I was dealing with, he passed me valuable information which I handed to the police at the time.  He also recognized my artwork and showed me examples of what Edna had sent him privately, claiming she made it for him. 

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In the gallery below, I want to show you some more of the theft of not only my art, but the theft of my friend, CeeJay's art.  CeeJay is such a beautiful human being, both inside and outside and she is so talented in her creation of .gifs and videos.  She runs a highly popular page on Facebook called Gifs & Vids etc - The Genuine Page.  The link to her fabulous page is HERE    Please do take a look at her page and give her a like and follow. She is the best!

You can also find a link to CeeJay's beautiful page on my website. Head to the drop down menu at the top of the page and hover the mouse over "My Pinterest" In the drop down menu, you will see the tab "My Favourite People" You can find her there. 

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