Moving on with this statement of Edna Mcqueen's stalking and harassment of me, inclusive of theft of my art and identity, doxing me and my family, sending death threats and unwelcome emails to me on an address I never handed to anyone else, hacking my accounts, of which I will post proof, also the proof is in the fact that she obtained images of me that were not in the public domain and were locked up in an album on Facebook that only I could view. 

Before I continue, I will now address the catfishing that Edna Mcqueen has been engaging in with men, both married and single. I know this because I am now very closely involved with a lovely gentleman who spent 3 years with Edna and who she tried to destroy with her lies and obsessive, possessive behaviour.  Whenever he would talk to a female, Edna would become insanely jealous, get highly abusive to the female and tell her to back off as she was this gentleman's wife.  She made him thoroughly miserable and almost ruined his entire life.  Thankfully he got away, however, she still harasses him to this day.  Edna sent this gentleman images in private of a female which we both know is not her.  The images of the real Edna Mcqueen are located in Part One. HERE

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What is catfishing?  For those of you who are unaware of what catfishing is, it basically means that someone online posts images of other people and pretends that other person is actually them.  That's it,  in a nutshell.  The fake image/images of them could be someone they know and they take images from that person without their knowledge or consent. (Please check out the documentary TallHotBlond for a truly shocking and catastrophic, cruel example of catfishing)  In other cases, they take images of Instagram models, another example. Sometimes they find images of a random person online and they take those, then block the person they have taken them from in the hope they don't get caught.  You may also find that the person catfishing you leads an extraordinarily varied and almost fairy tale lifestyle, with absolutely no proof to back up that flight to Jamaica, that boat party in Monaco, that mansion their wealthy parents own in Hollywood Hills, just some examples.  They will also pretend to be millionaires, however, you will never see proof, no videos of those boat parties, no video footage of the mansion or the latest Tiffany necklace.  The chances are they live a less than exciting life, they are just regular people who are massively dissatisfied and grossly unhappy about their lives and this is all part of the reason why they create this elaborate lie to suck you in to their web of deceit. 


What happens when you expose a catfish? In my case, it was a whole manner of unpleasant behaviour towards me, as mentioned in Part One, ranging from theft of my identity and art to hacking my accounts, to death threats, unwelcome emails on an address I never gave to anyone else, cyberstalking, cyberbullying, abuse, slander and doxing.  If you are in the throes of exposing a catfish, a word of warning, they won't thank you for it.  If you are dealing with a narcissist, they will absolutely try to destroy you in any way they can to protect their lies.  My advice to you would be to get some professional help, for example, Nev Schulman.  Also apply multi factor authentication to all your social media accounts because it will get ugly and they will absolutely try to destroy your life and if you work or run your own business, they will go after those too, they might contact your employer or start writing bad reviews, for example, if you run your own business. So, please take precautions to safeguard yourself.  If , like me, you are dealing with a psychopath and narcissist, they will stop at nothing to hurt you.  A narcissist is extremely fragile about protecting themselves and their lies, they will do anything to shut you down, even physically harm you.

I have in my possession some images of a female who looks Latino in origin. I have posted them below.  I know this is rather unconventional, however, I feel really bad for this person. She has had her images stolen by Edna Mcqueen and posted to Lord knows how many men in private. They were posted in private to my gentleman friend who spent 3 years with Edna, she pretty much had him convinced this lady was her and asked him not to post the images publicly.  My guess is she didn't want to get caught out and exposed.


Reverse image searches have been carried out to try to trace this lady.  Unfortunately, nothing has produced any results and I'm growing more and more concerned about her.  I have no idea who she is, or how many images she's had stolen from her, or how many have been passed to random, creepy men for the purpose of satisfying Edna Mcqueen's catfish lifestyle and pretense.   This is a very long shot, but, if anyone has seen these images anywhere else online or who thinks they might know who this person is, please can you contact me with information so I can pass it on to the police. Details on how to contact me are on my home page  HERE

Thank you.