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Thank you for visiting the buy my art page.  If you would like to purchase my art,  please click on the shop now button above.  I currently sell my art in Secret Garden Designs and you can also find a section on my Facebook page where you can browse my art for sale.  I have had a rather distressing time from late 2018 to present day  due to a prolific stalker, Edna Fae Mcqueen and her counterpart, Rusty Downs, real name Gary R Downs. Both have issued death threats towards me, amongst other unpleasant behaviour and this has impacted upon my art and generated a heightened hesitance to create anything else for it to be stolen, claimed again along with my identity which this stalker has stolen many times.  This is also applicable to the motion graphics I  create.  The main abuse occurs on Facebook, TikTok and not forgetting Instagram where my account has remained mostly dormant and/or private for well over 3-4 years due to her continual attempts to hack into it regularly. The police are involved and have been for quite some time.   If you have any questions regarding my art, products and just in general, then please feel free to fill in the form below to contact me and I will reply as soon as possible.  Thank you.  I look forward to hearing from you and to answering any questions you have.  Also, you are most welcome to subscribe to my newsletter. and don't forget to check out my Frequently Asked Questions Page by clicking the button below, thank you so much and best wishes to you. I appreciate your support very much at what has been an incredibly distressing time for me and my family and friends.
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