I'd like to introduce you to my favourite people.  They have all had a positive impact upon my life in some way, whether it's to do with art or just being extremely good friends of mine, I appreciate them very much and this is my page dedicated to them.

My Sister Vikki

My sister Vikki is the best.  She has been there for me through the good times and the very bad.  She owns a beautiful website which is well worth a visit.

My sister Leah is a very talented artist and designer.  She's also known as Creative Chik Designs and she runs a beautiful website, has a fantastic Pinterest and Blog too.  You can also find her on Glitter Graphics.  

My Sister Leah

Art With Flo 

I cannot ever say enough good things about Flo.  I found her on YouTube in 2018 and have been following her ever since.  Not only is she a fantastic artist, she is the sweetest and kindest most supportive person ever.  Her website is definitely worth visiting. She does amazing tutorials and has some fantastic brushes and offers too.

VixenMink is a very dear friend of mine I met on Instagram and has been so kind and supportive of my journey into the magical world of art.  She is an incredible artist, a wonderful, beautiful soul and one of the best friends I have made online.  Please go pay her a visit, her site is beautiful. 

My Sweet VixenMink