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Welcome to Creative Chik designs gallery. These beautiful backgrounds are the work of my once extremely talented, artistically gifted friend, Leah.  Since creating these beautiful designs, she has progressed into the world of motion art, creating as Sweet Seven Art And Designs.  If you love motion videos and gifs, I am sure you will enjoy my dear friend, CeeJay's, Gifs, Vids And Music etc page on Facebook with over 1.3 million followers.  I think you will agree that her following is testimony to my friend and her creative talents which are enjoyed worldwide. If you would like to follow Josh Relic,  an incredibly talented Director, Producer, Actor and Model, among an abundance of many other talents, you can find his link below. 

BURLESQUE (58).jpg

Gifs, Vids & Music etc

Click here for CeeJay's Gifs, Vids & Music etc Facebook.  Thank you.

BURLESQUE (58).jpg

Josh Relic

Click here to direct you to Josh Relic's Social Media accounts. Thank you.


Gina 101 Creative Moods 

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